Wednesday, June 20, 2007

About Harry Potter... (comentario que escribí en el blog literario de Wen

I love the Harry Potter Series. Period. I was overwhelmed when I saw one of the “trouble-makers” of my english class (in high school) talk about it with my teacher. How could HE be reading Harry Potter? I bought the first book and about four hours later, finished it. The story is eye-catching, unique (except for the Lord of the Rings which had it’s boom a little later there were no other books of its kind), easy to read, extremely surprising, incredibly imaginative and masterfully described. I realize it’s written for kids, but adults will also enjoy it for its use of symbolism, history and overall because it transports us to another reality with a solid foundation and basis. Everything, no matter how imaginary, has a reason to its existence and use, which only makes you praise the author even more for covering all her bases. I specifically like the fact that you never, ever, can predict what will happen.The themes in the books are all intertwined although each one tells a completely different adventure.I’ve liked all of the books, but if I had to place them in any order it would be the following: 3, 4, 1, 6, 2, 5.Don’t be fooled. Although the books are intended for kids, some parts of the plot can be slightly confusing, but nonetheless enjoyable. The “confusion” adds intrigue, mystery and unpredictability, which is why Harry Potter is such a page-turner. Besides, you never know what types of spells, enchantments, places and objects you’ll learn about, or creatures and characters you’ll meet.
** I heard that another Harry Potter-ish series is comming out soon (although not by J.K. Rowling), probably after the seventh book is released. It’s called “Tunnels” in case you want to look it up in

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